MiaoChain can quickly build
different eco systems for multiform
application scenarios


The concurrency of
transactions is stable,
and fast transactions,
Dapp run fast after the
development and launch


MiaoChain has lightweight
architectures and intelligent
contract systems that support
lightweight application
extensions and micro purses

MiaoLive Plus

The first broadcast real live application of the world

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Mr.Monakol Prapakamol
Graduated from Boston University. More than 20 years working experience in IT industry and Internet related industries, familiar with Internet product marketing. Successfully launched a variety of online games, covering all aspects of computer games, mobile games and other aspects and also achieved a remarkable score in mobile phone live apps. Successfully founded Winner Online, WinNine Interactive and other companies, operating various types of online games, online entertainment platform, mobile live platform MLive, the company's business covers the entire Southeast Asia and gradually expanded to Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States and other places.